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What is Lenovo Remanufactured? 

Lenovo Remanufactured is a family sub brand covering Lenovo surplus and remanufactured products, which have undergone thorough inspection, quality control. This means you get access to the latest Lenovo technology, practically new and at an enviable price. In fact, you can save up to 30% compared to a similar, full priced Lenovo Product.

The Lenovo Remanufactured program are products that are renewed through stringent quality and testing processes and ready to enter the market as “same as new” in terms of functionality, quality and performance. Lenovo Remanufactured products are therefore not to be confused or compared to as “used” or “second hand” computers.

The Remanufactured program and design is developed by DCC in Denmark and approved by Lenovo. The idea is based on company’s focus on circular economy and sustainable growth within IT-hardware. DCC is therefore the largest certified partner in Europe to process and handle the Lenovo Remanufactured product program.

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All products are visually inspected by Lenovo certified technicians.


Each product undergo a stringent screening and testing program where each component is stressed and checked for functionality failures. If necessary, the machine will be repaired. Only genuine Lenovo parts are used in the remanufacturing process..


Each product is stored in a safe warehouse waiting to be sold and further configured.


When the product is sold, skilled and Lenovo certified technicians will load the correct and original Lenovo language pack fitting local markets. In this process, it is also possible to configure and customize the products according to customer needs e.g. customization of hard drives, keyboard layouts.


As the final step the product will be repacked in Remanufactured packaging together with all the necessary accessories. All product information will be printed on a visible label.

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The Lenovo Remanufactured program offers a unique and interesting business potential with a ready-made business concept.  The whole concept has already proven its viability in several countries and markets.

Become part of the Lenovo Remanufactured team and get access to a unique and sustainaible concept of new Lenovo products at reduced prices and original Lenovo warranties. 


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More value for money

Save up to 30% on a Remanufactured product compared to a similar full priced Lenovo product. 

Guarantee of quality

All Remanufactured products undergo a thorough inspection and quality control, which is carried out by our professional and Lenovo certified technicians.

Lenovo warranty

All Remanufactured products are sold with full and original Lenovo warranty.


You are contributing to recycling products and helping the environment. 

Guarantee of quality

The Remanufactured quality program is your guarantee that the product reaches the high standards as original Lenovo products. All Remanufactured products undergo a thorough inspection and quality control, which is carried out by our professional and Lenovo certified technicians. Once the stringent screening and testing process is completed, the products are categorized into 3 groups - Gold, Silver or Bronze - each with different qualities and prices


Condition: New product.
Packaging: Custom packaging
Warranty: Original warranty.


Condition: New with minor cosmetic visble scratches - only on cabinet – NOT screen.. 
Packaging: Custom packaging
Warranty: Original warranty.


Condition: New with minor cosmetic visible scratches and wear marks.
Packaging: Custom packaging.
Warranty: Original warranty. 

Full Lenovo warranty

All Remanufactured products are covered by full Lenovo warranty as new Lenovo retail products. This means that Remanufactuerd is always a safe and reliable solution

Produkt portfolio

The Remanufactured product program covers a wide range of products covering tablets, notebooks, desktops, workstations

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