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DCC became HP Preferred Partner in 2010 and since then, we have worked closely with HP in particular within the distribution of HP Renew products.

DCC is HP Partner
HP & HP Renew
DCC is HP Partner

Factory sealed HP products

We offer new factory sealed HP notebooks, PCs, servers, storage and network solutions as well as related options.

HP Renew

HP Renew products are competitive products, with attractive prices, and the same high quality as every other HP product. HP Renew products are typically returned demo products or surplus from the factory. Other products are returned by customers due to cancelled orders or part of Trade-In-Program. Renew products are of high quality and often brand new, completely refurbished and tested by HP.

Renew products are marked with an "R" at the end of the item number.

Why buy HP Renew?

HP Renew with greate savings

Great value

Save at least 15% with remanufactured HP products, offering the same reliability, functionality and warranty as new HP products. HP Renew delivers high performance, low cost solutions where price really counts.
HP Renew with certified quality

HP certified quality

HP Renew products undergo complete remanufacturing and testing processes, fully restoring them to meet HP's stringent quality standards and ensuring they meet all original factory specifications.
HP Renew have full HP warranty

Full HP warranty

Original HP quality with the same performance as new products.
HP Renew products range from previous to latest technology

Broad range of solutions

Comprehensive product portfolio with the latest technology and previous generations.
HP Renew reduces waste and increases environmental benefit


HP Renew ensures that returned or trial units are thoroughly remanufactured so they can be fully utilized and don't end up unnecessarily wasted.
HP Renew - as good as new

HP Renew quality

HP Renew Gold


Condition: New
Packaging: Original
Warranty: Full HP warranty
HP Renew Silver


Condition: New or demo with cosmetic marks.
Packaging: Original
Warranty: Full HP warranty
HP Renew Bronze


Condition: Like silver, but may have scratches on plastic parts (not on display)
Packaging: Original
Warranty: Full HP warranty

Learn more about HP Renew at hp.com