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Social commitment

DCC aims to show social responsibility. Our approach to social responsibility is based on our business and competencies. Throughout this, we want to assist in ensuring a sustainable development of the society we are a part of.

We help children in need
Help for children in need

Donation or hardware lending

Where the need for IT equipment is greatest we would like to help, either by direct donation or lending of hardware for a particular project. We have chosen to donate hardware rather than money because we believe this is where we can help the most.

Projects helping children 

We are passionate about vulnerable children who might have lost their parents or for other reasons need help. Due to this we would like to support projects that help children in need.

It is important to us to see that we make a difference and that we help those, who need it most. Maybe you manage an orphanage, where you need some IT equipment for educational purposes or for the running of the orphanage. Alternatively, you might be working on a project in an organization that has a specific need for IT hardware or UPS in the Third World.

Small projects are a big help too

Your project cannot be too small, but we do not engage in projects that exceed a cost of EUR 13,000. Furthermore, we wish to support projects that are "need to have" rather than "nice to have".

How to apply

We would like a written application in which you describe the project and demonstrate that our donation will make a difference for people in need.

Applications should be sent to Kristine Bach. All applications are processed and discussed in confidentiality at the executive level. 
Kristine Bach,
Member of the Management Board