We guarantee documentation for secure data deletion, an easy and clear handling process and a good settlement.

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Documentation for secure data deletion

When you sell your obsolete IT equipment to us, you will receive documentation that all data has been securely deleted through a certified proces. Once the deletion has been completed, you will receive a delete certi­ficate about the proper handling of data deletion on your devices, so that you can demonstrate that your business is following the GDPR.


A patented deletion method from Blancco

We use a patented deletion method from Blancco, a leading data eraser software manufacturer. The method ensures that all data on the hard disk is permanently deleted. It also generates a report as proof of the deletion.

Approved by the world’s leading PC manufacturers

Since 2007 we have been an authorized partner in the Lenovo return program and we handle over 100.000 units a year. For us this is a statement of trust that demonstrates that we have the skills to handle and delete data in a secure way.

ISO 9001 certified by recognized standard

We are ISO 9001 certified, which means that we have control over all processes and deliver reliable quality. In addition, we are obliged to continuously monitor and to constantly improve our workflows.

If in doubt, ask our customers

“Having handled our IT equipment successfully a couple of times, we decided to use DCC as a permanent partner. Data security is crucial for us, and DCC works from a certified process and can document secure deletion of all data and hereby meet our strict rules for data deletion”.

Dennis Malgreen, Operations Engineer

An easy and clear process - let us handle everything

Get a price estimate and offer for your used IT equipment

We estimate the price based on an online form that we ask you to complete. Here we need the model name, age and availability of your equipment. If you do not have an accurate overview, you can send all your IT equipment to us, and we will calculate an estimated price quote. If you are pleased with the offer, we will make a final agreement.

Collection of IT equipment

We take care of picking up the IT equipment from your address. The transport is carried out on pallets packed in proper shipping material and is picked up by a certified freight carrier, who supplies the equipment for storage in our secured warehouse by DCC staff. We also have the option of sending metal cages that are locked on the premises and can only be unlocked by DCC staff.

Certified data deletion

In our warehouse, the equipment is securely stored until we start the treatment. All data is deleted based on a certified process and according to all regulations in secured environments. All data deletion and processing are done within our own location. Each unit also undergoes a comprehensive process in which we remove physical labeling such as theft protection, company logo and the like

Documentation and settlement

Once the deletion has been completed, you will receive a certi­ficate about the proper handling of data deletion on your devices, so that you can demonstrate that your business is following the GDPR. For the last part of the process, you receive a detailed report and settlement. Then the amount is transferred into your account.

What kind of used IT equipment do we buy?

We primary buy within the following categories:

  • Server, network & storage
  • Laptops & desktop computers
  • Smartphones & mobile telephones
  • Tablets

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Support sustainable IT

It is estimated that approx. 45million tons of IT waste per year is produced around the world. Approx. 8.7million of this waste is produced in the EU alone, of which only 2 million tons are col­lected and recycled in controlled frames and systems. No one knows exactly where the remaining 75% ends up, but experts estimate that the majority end up as illegal electronic scrap in Africa and Asia.

The challenge of electronic waste is that it contains hazardous substances, such as lead, cadmium and mercury. These substances can create serious environmental problems if not properly treated, compared to ordinary household waste.

Common sense and healthy business

When you sell your used IT equipment to us, we refurbish and upgrade it according to our customers’ requests. It thus becomes both common sense and a healthy business. Should your company choose to sell your used IT equipment to us, you are doing your part and taking responsibility for the environment.

Rely on us

DCC A / S was established in 1995. We have grown continuously over the years and we are today one of the largest distributors of IT surplus production in Europe. We have been awarded the highest credit rating, AAA, by Dun & Bradstreet for a very solid economy. And we have several times been voted as one of the best IT companies in Denmark.

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