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Lenovo environmental audit passed

As expected we passed the Lenovo Environmental audit and thus, we are authorized as a Lenovo Refurbishment Partner.


Once every year our remanufacturing department is submitted to Lenovos Environmental audit to ensure that we comply with Lenoves rules and ethics. The audit focuses primarily on three elements; employees, process and environment. In general, they look into whether we are financially stable, have trained employees, and do not use for instance child labor. They also look into the way we process computers in terms of control, data erasure, repairs and refurbishment.
Furthermore, our building undergoes a thorough inspection regarding safety, emergency exits, surveillance equipment and evacuation plans. This secures a safe environment for the employees and is a natural part of our business. 

In terms of the environment, the audit focus on how we dispose of various types of waste – more specifically, how we sort the different types of waste and handle dangerous waste such as batteries and some types of electronics.

As a customer, the audit is proof that we comply with Lenovos rules and ethics, and that DCC is a stable, serious and responsible company.

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