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Microsoft Surface products

Microsoft Surface Go, mobile computer

Surface Go

Portable power

Bring the best of Microsoft to life on the smallest, lightest Surface yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro, mobile computer

Surface Pro

Ultra-light & versatile

Versatility and mobility without sacrificing performance.

Microsoft Surface Laptop, mobile computer

Surface Laptop

Style and speed

Laptop with perfect balance of style, security, and manageability.

Microsoft Surface Book, mobile computer

Surface Book

Powerhouse performance

Ultimate performance, plus versatility and innovative design on the go.

Microsoft Surface Studio, stationary computer

Surface Studio

Ultimate creative studio

Power of a desktop and versatility of a drafting table combined.

Premium surplus IT
with added value

Microsoft surface accommodates the new ways of working

Microsoft Surface

People at the center

Microsoft surface accommodates the new ways of working

The modern workplace is constantly changing. It puts new demands on the companies, the technology and the way we work. Improving employees' job satisfaction and productivity requires, among other things, that employees are equipped with mobile technology and IT equipment. Microsoft surface technology and product assortment, meets all types of needs of a workplace.

Employee in the center

The world is constantly changing and working methods are becoming more mobile. It places greater demands on the modern employee who demands more flexibility and better technology. Microsoft surface always has the employee in focus when developing and improving new products and technology. In this way, Microsoft helps make the employee more mobile, efficient and productive.

A wide range of Surface products

The Surface product range has devices for every function of the business, whether it is for mobile computers or more desktops with greater performance


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