Site Coordination Service


    APC Site Coordination Service - Configuration - on-site



    APC Site Coordination Service is a set of service options designed to deliver the vital resources, expertise, and tools needed to quickly and efficiently implement your APC solution.

    • Written summary report
      APC project managers will provide you with written reports to keep you informed of the progress of your project
    • Labor and travel expenses included
      Travel and labor expenses are included in most service contracts. Please see the statement of work for the service specifics
    • Experienced NCPI professionals
      Aid in quick diagnosis of problems 24/7
    • Single point of contact
      Allowing an APC Project Manager to oversee your critical projects gives you a single point of contact for all project issues, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives


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    Product specifications

    Product DescriptionAPC Site Coordination Service configuration - on-site

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    Service & SupportConfiguration - labour - on-site - 1 incident ¦ Technical support - inspection - on-site - 1 incident ¦ Product info support - travel expense coverage
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